About Bi Fold Doors

Whether you have a bedroom with a balcony,  a family area or a dining kitchen, bi-folding doors can provide a stunning alternative to sliding patio or French doors.
​​​​​​​Available in a wide choice of opening configurations and colours, our bi-fold has ultra-slim sightlines, providing your room with a clean, modern appearance.

Safety features include the innovative low threshold option for family friendly and wheelchair use. What’s more, the Liniar bi-fold offers high energy efficiency, combined with the best security features on the market – bringing you a modern space saving solution for your home that will definitely give it the ‘wow’ factor.

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Bi Fold Door Features

Super Smooth Action

The super smooth rolling action of Liniar bi-fold doors makes them feel incredibly light – and they are are engineered to give you the reassurance that they won’t warp or bend.

To make the doors easy and safe to operate for all age groups, ergonomic handles are built in to each hinged section.

Liniar bi-fold doors have the most effortless glide action on the market – our patented roller mechanism is hidden inside each door, therefore maintaining its sleek lines. When the doors are folded back, discreet magnets ensure that they will remain securely in place.

Open up your business

Not just for the family home, Liniar bi-fold doors can bring a whole new dimension to your commercial or business property.

Maximise floor space at your pavement café by opening up an entire wall in the summer months, while knowing your energy efficient Liniar bi-fold doors will also keep in the heat during the winter.

Give your showroom a new lease of life by installing Liniar bi-fold doors for ease of access, together with the highest possible security.

A seamless entrance

Ideal for family homes, the Registered Design protected Liniar low-threshold option creates a seamless entrance and exit without the need for messy and expensive excavation.

An easy-access ramp, for wheelchairs and prams, can be created using an optional tray to seat the low threshold.

Measuring just 24mm at its highest point, the ultra-low Liniar threshold is available in a choice of silver or gold finish, perfectly complementing the door hardware

Strong & Secure

The shootbolt locking mechanism designed into each Liniar bi-fold door ensures the door is bolted firmly into the stainless steel track, maximising your security. 


Built-in anti-lift features, anti-bump cylinders and optional anti-snap cylinders combine to bring you extra security.

Liniar’s bi-fold door range is also available with ModLok™, a new concept in locking technology. 


ModLok™ is a highly innovative combined reinforcing and locking mechanism, bringing additional strength and rigidity to the doors and enabling you to have even wider configurations of bi-folding doors.

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